Collections to book in at Site 2

To get to East Site turn left after entering the security gates in the Port and continue on the main road.

Go past HAFM Site 1 on your left after the Canteen and Leslie Ford House

Continue on the main road for 1 mile.

About half a mile after the mini roundabout, look to your right where there will be crates, take the right turn before reaching the LONDON CITY BOND sign.

Turn left and continue through the middle of the stacks of crates, office is on your right in the corner

at the end of the yard.


Containers to go to site specified on your notes, if it is not specified please call

01375 803872 before you arrive to find out where to deliver

Opening Times

8.00am - 17.00pm Mon-Fri 

(16.30pm last admittance)

Booking In/Out Procedure

Container Deliveries

Container deliveries are in a separate queue from collections hauliers, but need to join the main queue on entry. 

Once in the queue please apply the handbrake, turn off your engine, and come to the booking in office.

When the ramp is clear you will be signalled by one of the operatives to get in position just before the ramp

Seals are to be removed and handed to the HAFM operative.

Container doors MUST only be opened 1 at a time and then checked for distressed load by HAFM - photos will be taken at this time.

Once containers doors are opened the lorry is then backed onto the ramp, a signal will be given by a banksman when on the ramp which will then be lowered and secured before devanning commences.

Driver must stay with vehicle whilst it is being devanned

Once devanned the container is swept out by HAFM, the chains are removed and a the driver is signalled to move off the ramp - drivers MUST not move the vehicle until instructed.

The lorry moves forward the doors are then closed and the driver goes back to the office to collect police gate pass.


Collections hauliers need to join the main queue upon entering the site.

If there are more than 4 lorries in the queue please use the holding area opposite until the queue moves down - this will take no more than 20 mins

Once in the queue please apply the handbrake, turn off your engine, and come to the booking in office.

Collections driver MUST have the correct reference for the load they are collecting. Driver without references will be asked to ring their office to find this out.

Once we have found your collection from the reference, HAFM will produce Picking List, Delivery Notes and Gate Pass - these are to be signed by the driver.

Whilst in the queue we ask all drivers to open their curtains and prepare the lorry for loading.

When the loading bay is free the driver will be signalled by HAFM staff to move on the bay.

Driver must stay in the cab whilst loading.

After loading you will be moved to the strapping area where you can prepare your trailer for departure.

Once finished there is no need to come back to the office unless your load has changed from the original ticket.

 Site Rules

  • All drivers must wear high visibility clothing and safety footwear when exiting the cab.
  • Delivery drivers must drive at less than 5mph when on site.
  • No reversing without banksman
  • All drivers to report to front desk when entering and leaving the site
  • No (HAFM) lorry can leave the site without a gate pass issued by the site supervisor
  • All vehicles must have a visible and audible reversing alarm
  • Mobile phones must not be used when in the vehicle.
  • No smoking onsite